You wouldn’t think it possible for a commissioner of a sports organization who does not represent money-grubbing owners to be more supercilious than the NHL’s Gary Bettman, more holier-than-thou than the NFL’s Roger Goodell, more boring than baseball’s Bud Selig.

But somehow, without even really trying, Tim Finchem manages the trifecta.

Maybe it’s because the old political tub-thumper from Jimmy Carter days speaks in rambling, wordy lawyer-ese. Maybe it’s because he’s so button-down bankerly, he looks like the football coach of whom a colleague once said: “You couldn’t drive an inflation pin up his butt with a jackhammer.”

But more than likely, it’s all of the above, plus the fact that he represents money-grubbing players who, on the PGA Tour, are the de facto owners. So maybe it’s not so different, after all.

What’s best for the game of golf, among such a self-interested, venal group, is not even a…

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